Dr. W Sumner Davis is a polymath whose interests range from medicine (including psychology, neurology, immunology, parasitology, virology, and bacteriology) to organic chemistry, theoretical physics, astronomy, anthropology, history, Western religion, and natural philosophy. He has performed primary research for the United States Army Medical Command, and provided project management and program development as a community health psychologist, behaviorist, and has taught successfully at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Dr. Davis was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 31. He taught himself to cope with the disability and went on to attend college, earning a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Human Services (MSHS) a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in Philosophy,  a Masters in Public Health (MPH), a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health Epidemiology, a Post Graduate Certificate (GC) in Clinical Research Administration, Graduate Certificate (GC) in Marriage and Family Services, and Advanced Certificate in Applied Project Management.


Dr. Davis’ books are available from Amazon and Barnes &Noble, the topics include history, pseudoscience, evolutionary biology, and mysticism.  He has written articles on topics including child psychology, neurological disorders, obesity and weight loss, among several other psychological or health related topics.


The stories in this blog are fictional. While the characters are not based on any person or persons, the symptomatology, diagnosis, and conclusions are based on actual medical and epidemiological science. If you would like to see a condition discussed, email Dr. Davis at: