W Sumner Davis has interests ranging from Social Sciences (medicine, psychology, neurology, and ethics), immunology (parasitology, virology, and bacteriology) to organic chemistry, physics (mathematics, astrophysics) and philosophy. He has been a primary investigator and forensic researcher for the United States Army Medical Command, and provided project management and program development as a Community Health Specialist, and Clinical Behaviorist. He has taught courses in psychology, environmental health, human development, and medical ethics at the college and graduate levels.


W. Sumner Davis received a BA in Psychology from the University of Maine at Farmington (1992-1994), MSHS  in Community Health Programming from Springfield College (1995-1996), M.Div in Philosophy from Bangor Theological Seminary (1996-2000), CAS in Marriage and Family Services from Capella University (2007-2009), MPH in Public Health from Walden University (2009-2011), PhD in Health Science from Walden University (2011-2105), CAS in Clinical Research Administration from Walden University (2015-2016), CAS in Applied Project Management from Walden University (2016-2017). He is currently completing a MHA in Healthcare Administration from Walden University (2017-2018).


Dr. Davis’ books are available from Amazon and Barnes &Noble, the topics include history, pseudoscience, evolutionary biology, and mysticism.  He has written articles on topics ranging from child psychology and neurological disorders to obesity and weight loss, and among other health related topics. His articles are published in peer-reviewed journals including the EC Journal of Neurology, MO Journal of Public Health, Military Medicine, among others.


The stories in this blog are fictional. While the characters are not based on any person or persons, the symptomatology, diagnosis, and conclusions are based on actual medical and epidemiological science.

The posts concerning non-medical topics are simply a foray into other areas of interest to the writer, and may allow the reader the opportunity to explore new and interesting subjects.

If you would like to see a condition discussed or a topic explored, please email Dr. Davis at:  Feedback is always welcomed.